Giving Back

"At the end of the day it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished... It's about who you've lifted up, and who you've made better.  It's about what you've given back." -Denzel Washington
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime.  This seemed almost unbelievable a few years ago, until my Mom's childhood friend was diagnosed in 2012 with TNBC, my Mom was diagnosed with TNBC in 2015 and another long-time friend was diagnosed in 2018.  All of which I'm happy to say are cancer-free and loving life.  Early detection really does save lives, please get your mammogram and do self exams monthly and encourage those you love to do so too.  
Hope Church located on Johnston Oehler Road in North Charlotte is a small church with a huge heart.  Helping in their food pantry is very rewarding.  Visit their website to see how you can help with time and/or non-perishable food donations.
In 2015 Holly'z Hope began by building doghouses for dogs living outside without proper shelter.  In most cases, the dogs were chained to trees with heavy logging chains. It quickly became clear that we needed to do more.  We needed to find an alternative solution for owners unable to contain their dogs any other way.  The solution was building fences. A year later we began building fences, providing spay, neuter services and basic wellness. 
John jumped right in to help build a shelter for a sweet pup named Jake and looks forward to helping with more builds this year.  Visit Holly's Hope website to see how you can help.